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Why ELL and Disadvantaged Students Should Learn Code

Thursday, July 14, 2016

English-language learners and disadvantaged students stand to benefit the most from learning to code. ELL students can benefit from learning code because all coding languages are based in English—these students will see their English vocabulary improving by learning to code.

Tech-related vocational jobs are in great demand, are high paying ($70k/year), and don't require a college degree. Though many of the vocational and factory jobs of previous eras are disappearing, professions related to software development, robotics, advanced life sciences, cyber security, big data, and the code-ification of money are filling in the gaps. Even today's traditional workers are moving towards coding—see today's coal miners!

Teaching students to code—or simply teaching them to think like coders—will prepare your students for these careers. The demand for tech jobs is expanding, and students don't need a college degree to succeed. If anything, all they need is certification!

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