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2015-2016 Sunburst Digital Innovators: StudioWeb & Stefan Mischook

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

PHP. Javascript. CSS. HTML. SQL. What does it all mean? Web Development and application skills are the instruments of the 21st century knowledge economy. These programs form the basis for how we choose to pursue collaboration, interface with technology, and all live in a blended world where we can choose to spend time with computers or other people for knowledge. A few years ago KQED published a landmark article on the characteristics of what the future of teaching and learning might look like: Surprise: Collaboration, Tech Powered, Blended.

Here at Sunburst, we have a passion to connect innovative digital content solutions with our K-12 school customers. Delivering our Sunburst partner's solutions into classrooms is a great privilege. These talented entrepreneurs strive each and every day to help improve our schools, communities and student achievement outcomes with their unique solutions.

As we celebrate our 30th Anniversary in 2015, we are profiling the innovators in our 2015-2016 Sunburst Portfolio of Solutions.

StudioWeb is a series of web development courses designed to help teachers engage their Middle and High School students with 21st Century transferable skills. Web development and programming applications are made easy with video tutorials, assessments, teacher lesson plans and diagnostics on students' progress. Students demonstrate mastery and earn certificates

"I fondly consider myself a nerd programmer at heart. However, I have always enjoyed interacting and helping others. Over time, I've learned that I have a talent for demystifying complex languages with a no nonsense approach to web design. Coming from a family of teachers, I guess it has always been in my blood to help spur progress in learning. The everyday tools and languages we use in the technology world to make the web perform basic functions have logical rules and organization just like the three Rs of reading, writing and arithmetic. Students have to be kept interested no different than making History class relevant to their lives. Any teacher knows this, so how do you spice up a web design class? You've got to keep video (tutorial) segments short - a 20 minute video will put most students to sleep."

Stefan started teaching web design and programming in 2003. Coming from a family of teachers (father, brother, cousins, aunts and uncles), Stefan discovered he had a knack for teaching. Many of his students are now successful web professionals while some have gone on to become web design teachers themselves. Stefan built his first website in 1994 and has developed many commercial projects over the years including e-learning software for Pfizer, Aventis and Merck Frost. Stefan has created commercial apps in 8 programming languages. Stefan and StudioWeb are based in Montreal, Quebec.

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