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Sunburst Partners with Studio Web, the best application available to offer Technology & Creative Skills for students

Monday, June 8, 2015

Sunburst Digital, Inc. today announced that it will supply StudioWeb, a new online educational resource that is designed to assist teachers in the classroom by providing a series of easy-to-understand video training courses on the key Web technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. The new collaboration will usher Sunburst Digital into a new era dedicated to Computer Literacy and College and Career Readiness.

StudioWeb focuses on teaching web development and programming through the use of an online learning environment created for teachers, by teachers. This dynamic Web development resource immerses students in learning with interactive quizzes and coding challenges that reinforce learning and test comprehension.

Teachers are able to track student progress through automated quiz and activity reports that includes trending­grade data on real­time student progress. As students master the key Web technologies, they will earn points and badges that build their profile. StudioWeb offers a built­in pre­ and post­benchmark assessments and a Web Foundations certification exam that shows real academic progress.

Sunburst Digital, Inc., which has provided appropriate digital classroom resources designed to supplement curriculum software and enhance academic achievement outcomes for the past 30 years, adds StudioWeb to its expanding catalog of renowned and experienced digital classroom partners. Through this partnership, Sunburst Digital, Inc. significantly enhances its technology curriculum offerings within the digital classroom space.

Ken Leonard, chairman and CEO at Sunburst Digital commented, “StudioWeb is a great organization that has created a well-designed resource spanning entry level software development, coding, and computer programming skills that builds upon other essential knowledge skills. What is great about StudioWeb is that it can be executed in any classroom in America by any teacher in America.”

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