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Why Teach PHP?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Today, many programming courses teach Python or Ruby as "startup" languages. However, the reality is these languages are not best suited to teaching beginners, especially K12 students.

Instead, Teach PHP.

PHP is significantly easier to learn. Being object-oriented languages, Python and Ruby have an additional level of complexity that will make them all the more difficult for beginners to learn. Teaching Python and Ruby means teaching object-oriented theory and principles in addition to the language.

While modern software development is very object-oriented, that doesn't mean such languages are the best to teach to beginners. It is better to teach basic programming first.

PHP has both an object-oriented layer and a much less complex layer that is ideal for teaching programming to new learners - especially younger students.

It's easier to do real things with PHP because it was designed specifically for the web. Web apps can be developed and implemented quickly and easily. Ruby and Python, however, were initially created as general purpose programming languages and merely adapted to the web.

While Ruby and Python are certainly useful, any apps you create are probably web apps, so PHP is more suitable!

PHP is the most widely used web development language by far. PHP is used for over 80% of dynamic websites (sites that are also web apps), while Ruby and Python combined account for closer to 7%. Many programmers who learn Ruby and Python later learn that they must learn PHP because of how prevalent it is and how many jobs there are for PHP.

The world's biggest CMSs, Worldpress, Joomla, and Drupal, all use PHP... that's 30% of all web apps! Meanwhile, there is no equivalent for Ruby or Python.

If you want to easily teach a practical programming language that will have obvious results, PHP is your first choice. There is a huge market for PHP programmers, while Ruby is falling further and further into a tiny niche. That's why StudioWeb offers a variety of courses for PHP!

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